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This workshop for adults is about journeys to real or imagined destinations. In developing the prototypes shown in the photographs below, I've identified several travel options for participants to choose from. See captions below the photographs for description of these options.
Superpowers: If I had the power, I'd shrink my nephew so he could fly with the hummingbirds.Seasons: An album of images that take me to summer any time I need it.Seasons: Album interior.Seasons: Back view of cover.Impossible Combinations: The view from the Hubbard Space Shuttle as seen from a cabin in Alaska.Detail: Impossible CombinationsPicnic In Tuscany: Bring people (represented by their photo) to idyllic destinations.Tryptic view: Picnic In TuscanyAlternate version 1: Picnic In TuscanyAlternate version 2: Picnic In TuscanyTransformations: Repair a person &/or landscape from a global trouble spot ...Transformations: View 2Transformations: View 3Transformations: Revealing the troubleMagic Wardrobe: Closed viewMagic Wardrobe: Open view; a veggie garden at the edge of woods and a childhood image of my son.

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