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This ongoing project has created opportunities for me to (1) pull apart and study representational and abstract art by observing, slicing and reassembling it in the mosaic squares of a weave, (2) redeem rejected or unfinished work, such as paintings by me or my peers, and discarded art, such as movie posters and calendars that disappear after their brief time of usefulness, (3) explore large- and small-scale possibilities, as source material comes in many sizes, and (4) play with multi-directional possibilities: the weaves can be viewed upside down, vertically or horizontally to create suggestive new shapes and relationships.
Eye of the KiwiCoastlineTiny IslandInterrupted Beach UmbrellaDiscs & Stained GlassPossibly MykonosUntitled Painting on CanvasCrouching Tiger InterruptedCrouching Tiger Interrupted, detail 1Crouching Tiger Interrupted, detail 2Crouching Tiger Interrupted, closer detail

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