Thalia Doukas | Artomatic 2017 - Crystal City
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At Crystal City, Virginia, March 24 to May 6.

This group combines original work using purchased or "found" materials - i.e., materials discarded or donated by others & then altered by me. The umbrella is Trump Era Preoccupations - although the beginnings nearly all pre-date the Era, these pieces speak to some of the key issues that have heated up since last year's U.S. presidential election outcome.

The two Shades of White houses are part of an on-going series. They are scale-model representations of art "safe houses" that I'd like to see in every American neighborhood, if the NEA is abolished - see more photographs and details on the Dollhouse Gallery pages of this website.

Also at this Artomatic, I installed a metal coat-rack loom and a basket of loom-friendly materials for visitors of all ages to weave. This was my third collaborative weave at Artomatic; see photos on the Collaborative-Community Projects pages.
Bugged Hotline, 9 3/8" x 18 x 6 3/4"Bugged Hotline, interiorSpeak Up, 8" diameterSullied Fish Out of Water, 9 1/2 x 19" - about billionaires who determine environmental policyProbe, 8" x 4" box - dig & dig deeper, the truth is a moving targetBlack & White Is Not Black & White, two canvases each 19.5" x 15.5"Black & White Is Not Black & White, detailBlack & White Is Not Black & White, detailCan We Join Hands As One Nation? view 1, 13 1/2"x 24" - collaged post-Civil War charcoal/photoCan We Join Hands As One Nation? view 2Ritz - Putin's Fancy Bear, 17 1/2”x24 1/2”x4”Ritz - Putin's Fancy Bear, studio view with teethConfused Blooms, 36"x36", paint on a painting by N Meyer - about climate changeConfused Blooms, studio view

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