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If you are a child or an artist, you may be someone who conjures up faces wherever you look. Some of my first discoveries were faces in wallpaper and kitchen utensils, on telephones, at the front and back ends of cars, and on coin-operated seaside telescopes. At this early time on my creative path, faces grabbed my attention like nothing else: some were sweet or beautiful, some were sinister or serious, some silly.

Face-centric pieces seem to sneak into most of my work, in a variety of ways: some horizontal ones place themselves like savory dishes on a buffet—or a row of headstones in a cemetery. Some are mute, others capture a key word between their lips. Some are glued, stitched, or wired together and others, in a plate holder or on an easel, have magnet-backed features that encourage subtle or drastic re-arrangements. They are my metaphors for everything from personal/universal joys and struggles to the nation's conflicted politics; they are my "gateway" to speech—that is, they say what I've hoped to say, as an artist.

Faces pop up in nearly all the pages of this site. I hope they will speak to you. I hope you will want to dig further, for more.
Detail: "Reflect""Reflect""Peer" or Four EyesDetail 1: "Peer" or Four EyesDetail 2: "Peer" or Four Eyes"Sugar, the verb", view 1"Sugar, the verb", view 2"Knit" or Diligently Knit TogetherDetail: "Mute""Trust" or In Big Shots We Trust"B Not Egocentric (aye, aye!)""Act", for thespians & others"Float," for those who are stuck"Speak Up" in the velvet night"Speak Up" in the plain light of day"Heal, US""Divest, US""Putin's Fancy Bear", side view"Putin's Fancy Bear", front view"Putin's Fancy Bear", the teeth

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