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Installations that combine original art in 2D and 3D. I propose that if the NEA goes away, at least one house in every neighborhood will need to become an art “safe house” where work by living artists can be exhibited &/or made and art history can be taught – where, above all, art can exist uncensored and be seen by the community. I imagine kids dropping in after school to take classes or make work of their own. Consider these scale-model art safe houses in a variety of Shades: White, Blue, Green and Gray. From a series in progress (see also the Artomatic 2017 page on this site).
"Childhood House of Heads"Dollhouse Gallery, Montclair State College, NJDollhouse Gallery, Montclair State College, NJStewart Wilson, PersonaGroup, Pink Room: Reclining Female FiguresAnnex, Dollhouse GalleryWindow View, Great RoomGreen Room viewArtifacts Room, window viewWindow view, Green RoomNancy Cohen, Trickle Down installation; Great White Room, view #2DG installation, Montclair State College, NJLaurel Jensen,  Bookmark; Small Room (blue), view #2Anney Bonney, Black & White; Kitchen viewSmall Room (blue), view #3

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