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At a time when it seems much of our "social fabric" is unraveling and the "social safety net" is fraying, the idea of gathering, combining and weaving together discarded or under-valued materials and art pieces - to give them new life and spotlight - became a focus and a priority for me, as an artist.

Two pieces not visible in the installation photographs: Laurel's Fave was above the door at the entrance to the exhibition space; the door, like Bali & Coletta, was located to the right of the Mi-Teintes Weaves
"Winter Is Coming": weave of holiday greeting card cutouts in a shadow box; 8.5”x10.5”Installation view 1 & Circle Weave: combines yarn and twigs on a 45” diameter wood loomInstallation view 2Installation view 3Tiny Horse: combines unsigned, abstract canvas; portions of a discarded, unsigned color test on art board; laminated cloth shopping bag; 9.75”x9.75”Silver & Gold: combines joss papers on Krylon spray painted, unsigned, discarded canvas; 8”x10”Shiny Discards: combines layered strips of art and packaging papers, printed plastic; 11"x6", 15”x9” float frameInterstellar/Takenaga: combines strips cut from an unsigned photograph with three strips from a sale price Barbara Takenaga 2013 exhibition catalog; 11"x14”Orchids/Pollinators: combines portions of two freebie posters from Maryland State Fair (see Native Orchids Need Their Pollinators (Emily Underwood), Pollinator Pathways (Steve BucDetail: Orchids/PollinatorsMi-Teintes Weaves 1-4: four framed weaves, colored pencil and ballpoint on Canson Mi-Teintes paper samples; 12.25"x14.5”Installation view 4Chinese Calendar: combines a commercial floral canvas, a Dollar Store placemat, portions of a 2012 Chinese calendar cover, a swatch of translucent plastic; 16”x16”Nude x Abstract #2: lower half of unfinished nude & purchased abstract canvas 2; 15.5"x19.5"Nude x Abstract #1: top half of unfinished nude & purchased abstract canvas 1; 15.5"x19.5"Community Weave, beforeCommunity Weave, afterLaurel's Fave: combines an unsigned mixed media canvas, strips cut from a placemat of my mother’s, bamboo; 6"x6”x1.5”Bali & Coletta: combines my painting on Balinese cloth painting and a damaged woodcut by Joseph Coletta; 12"x32"x1

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