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Many of these cards were made to send to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Washington DC, as part of an on-going conversation with Erin Blasco about mail art materials and cardmaking techniques that feature postage stamps (see Holiday Cards gallery). Indu's card was hand delivered, so it didn't need space for an address; Indu is a friend who is the first to arrive at work each day & so her card includes a rooster. My aunt, Angelica (Koula) Baimas, now in her 90's, was recovering from two hip surgeries when the cards that show notes to her were made. I consider Koula my first mentor in mail art and the art of recycling.
Pyrrhuloxia (F)Bird of Time Postcard (B)Indu's Double-sided Card (F)Indu's Double-sided Card (B)Koula's Blue Card (Exterior)Koula's Blue Card (Interior)Shells, Mystery Birds (B)Yellow-Rumped Warbler (B)Yellow-Rumped Warbler (F)Pyrrhuloxia (B)Shells, Mystery Birds (F)Phainopepla Postcard (F)Phainopepla Postcard (B)Bird Seed Packet PostcardOcean Cracker Postcard

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