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Prices upon request by email to Or, email me your price range and desired size(s), color(s), and materials and I will create unique gifts tailored to your preferences.

Avatars are pipe cleaner and bead creations intended to dangle above your desk or bed and provide protection and inspiration. Avatar-making workshops are also available, if you prefer! See Workshops page for photos.

Cats and dog are made from new materials only. Sizes vary; the ruler shown in the photographs is eight inches tall. Although only one puppy is shown (for now), please feel free to request other knit or fabric animals.

Holiday Spirits are international and vintage dolls with handmade costumes and accessories. I'd be happy to assist, if you have a doll in need of a spirit costume.

Jewelry offerings include pins, necklaces and earrings from new and upcycled supplies.

Gift boxes come in all sizes, in cardboard or wood. Most have a decoupage/collage finish. Boxes can be made to fit a specific gift or to be the gift ...
Holiday Spirits, KewpiesHoliday Spirit, Blonde SpriteHoliday Spirits, Indian & Kewpie & GnomeHoliday Spirits, Brazilian Sprite & Dutch BoyWhite Cat, frontWhite Cat, backOrange Cat, frontOrange Cat, backGrey Tabby Cat, frontGrey Tabby Cat, backGinger Cat w Bib, frontGinger Cat w Bib, backSpotty DogAndrea's lightcatcher hanging in her windowSafety Pin LightcatchersClose up: 2 Safety Pin LightcatchersDouble-sided Safety Pin Lightcatcher, side 1Double-sided Safety Pin Lightcatcher, side 2Matchbox gift box, 1Matchbox gift box (slim), 2

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